About Ontario Occupational Health And Safety Consultants Corp (OOHSCC) CEO


  • Pushpalatha is the CEO for OOHSCC .
  • She received many recognitions amongst the community for her work in the Occupational Safety field.

Pushpalatha received the title “The Unbreakable Woman” on The Canadian Occupational Safety magazine under the Top Women in Safety 2021 [READ MORE: Pushpalatha Mathanalingam, Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Corp. | Canadian Occupational Safety (thesafetymag.com)


Strive for excellence in our services promoting occupational health and safety to our customers through maintaining highest standards of integrity


To be the leading safe workplace management system provider in Ontario, recognized across Canada for our excellence

About Ontario Occupational Health And Safety Consultants Corp (OOHSCC)

    • The Ontario Health and Safety Consultants (OOHSC) is an Ontario based safety management consultancy company. Its primary function is to help industrial and small/medium business establishments to successfully manage the safety needs noticed in their workplaces.
    • OOHSC primarily offers safety related training programs and systems that allow industrial & small/medium business companies to fulfill the workplace safety requirements in Canada
    • OOHSC provides customized training for its clients’ needs through Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). COJG creates opportunities for employers to invest in their workforce
    • The courses offered by OOHSC provide both employers and employees the knowledge and how to implement safety practices in the workplace
    • OOHSC provides training certificates for each course through authorized health and safety professionals