Employee Being Aware of Cannabis at the Workplace

Employees should report to their employer anything in the workplace that is likely to be hazardous to their health or safety, or that of others.

Employees may also wish to address the issue by following the Internal Complaint resolution process under Part II of the Code. Under this process, the employee’s supervisor must first try to resolve the matter with the employee. If it can’t be resolved at that level, the complaint is then referred to the Workplace Health & Safety Committee (or the Health & Safety Representative and a designated management member) to investigate the complaint and provide considerations/recommendations and solutions to the employer. If the matter remains unresolved after this stage, the complaint can then be submitted to the Labour Program for a Health & Safety officers to investigate.

However, if the employees perceive the situation to be a danger, they can instead exercise their right to refuse work under section 128 of the Code, Part II.